Our service includes:

  • to determine grant for your project from EU or national source,
  • to prepare the full project's documentation required by the grant institution,
  • to supervise the project to the moment when the grant is reached..

Determination of the grants for project:

We work with your project from start knowing your company's understanding of its activities and find the idea of co-operation. On this basis, we advise the source of the grant. While it is not possible to obtain a grant of interest of our client we are in contact with him until interesting possibilities are achieving. Our idea is to build effective and long-term cooperation.

Documentation of grant project:

We prepare the documentation required to apply for a grant
- Request, - business plan (feasibility study) - Attachments - other necessary information - the formal and substantive compliance project

Supervision of the project:

After receiving the grant decision is very important the proper conduct of investment, so would not have created difficulties in the settlement. As part of handling the accounts suggest that the supervision of the grant .
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