The best way to create business plan is to commission EASTWEST Consulting to do it, because we have know-how and experience gained through a number of cases . Business plans that we made are very high rated both in banks as well as in grant institutions.

Our standards are:

High substantial level:

  • individual approach to each project,
  • methodology adequate to requirements of business plan's evaluative institution
  • consulting at carry the project out

Favourable form of cooperation:

  • flexibility in fitting the Clients' need
  • short terms of realization
  • possibility of express service
  • possibility of arrive to customer's place

Possibilty of work with international customers:

  • translations
  • fast on-line communication
  • the business plans could be used in foreign banks and for investment grants

Friendly pricing policy:

  • attractive prices according to quality, full payment after getting the grant
  • free modifications
  • high discounts for the next projects

The price of business plan's preparing depends on:

  • the scale and difficulty of the venture
  • the kind of customer's book-keeping
  • the time of realization
Business plans we prepare are always adequate to their purpose; They have always the proper structure and they are fair. Thanks to clear merit message the evaluative institution gets the complete image and total information about the project and its assets. This is the merit of our work on your projects and we hope it encourage to invest.
Each business plan encloses financial part (up-to-date analysis and forecast) that is coherent with the descriptive part. The financial analysis lets to make changes in the project, that improve its effectiveness and attractivness.
Time spent with our Client is efficiently used by both sides. During the meetings we settle the cooperation's schedule. Time needed for preparing business plan depends on the time of data delivery. There is a possibility of express service, that means the business plan will be done in the shorter time than standard one.
Free of charge modifications are changes that doesn't surpass the project we work on. What is more - our consultants helps free of charge during the work on the business plan. For Clients that use more our services we have special discounts.
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