Market and competition analysis

We prepare to our clients to analysis the current situation to see the enterprise market, to know the action of competition, and identify market trends. Our analysis allows to take decisions..

Strategic analysis of company

We analyze the situation of the customer company, assess its strengths and weaknesses, as well as advise on how to improve the competitiveness of the company.

Feasibility Study

We evaluate alternative development strategies. Pointing out the strong and weak positions, effectively verify the strategy options allowing clients choose the most suited to its needs.


When you plan to expand the business, when yuo are looking for business partners we prepare the financial support in the process of investment, we offer the implementation of the memorandum which, in a great way to inform interested parties about your intentions and the expected investment results.

Searching the strategic partner

If you are looking for new ways of development of an appropriate partner can be a key link between your business with the market. Therefore, through our experience we can calculate yours potential for future profits or losses.
Thanks to our experience and presence on the market we can assist you in identifying the best candidate to help you export your products. This service includes partner selection, introduction, assistance in negotiations, legal advice and anything else that helps our clients achieve their objective in this market.

Business Plans

The business plan is the key to obtaining a bank loan or to obtain external support for investment. The business plan is a source of knowledge about your investment project, its potential for future profits or losses.

Locational analysis of properties

For commercial construction or location of your company doing the analysis of the effectiveness of the location, the cost of implementation and the potential gains from well-made choice.
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